Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday's Inquisition

i am on the hunt for a new journal. one that will fit into my bag and not be bulky and unruly (i have my larger journal on hand at home). i am just sick of finding post-it notes all-over! i mean i still *heart* my post-its and will never give up the habit of having a little notes plastered to my desk or fridge but i need something with easy access to all of my obsessions and ideas and
inspirations--not sifting through the bag i was using last week (or the week before), the book i was reading and used the post-it as a bookmark or....well who knows..it will turn up somewhere. i guess this revelation came about because i started some spring cleaning and never realized how many little notes i have laying around and in trying to keep daily notions for this blog!
here are a few of my favorites:
{from here}
{and this one}
{both found here}
{this one just for fun}
{and of course here}

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