Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You Know it...WIAW! #3

It's you know what means! But first a quick announcement! 
My Spring Fling Giveaway has been extended, so make sure you go here to enter! 

Ok now on to the real reason you are here...

 Early-thirty protein shake and banana...yeah this is new to me... also new to me is working out in the AM, which I did today! (pat.on.back) I will admit I was pleasantly surprised, this protein smoothie was not to bad! 

Breakfast at the office: 1/2 sweet potato with cinnamon and a turkey "muffin" 
(absolutely delish!) 

Ok now, here comes the GREEN!! 
Lunch: Steamed Brussels over Quinoa and a Spinach salad with Raw Sunflower Seeds, Cranberries and Celery. 

Snack: Green Apple with Justin's Chocolate Peanut Butter (excuse me, heaven!) Blueberries and Green Tea ;)

Dinner: Steamed Veggies (cabbage, broccoli, asparagus) and Spicy Chicken

It was one of those yes, even my wine, courtesy of TJ's was GREEN! ;) 
(However, I don't know if this is really gluten free...oops, again) 

**Do you work out in mornings or evenings? 
**Sweet or savory for foods for Breakfast? 
**I received a large RED box in mail today... very excited to share about what the contents of this box... 
can you guess what it was?


  1. That spicy chicken looks amazing. Is it your recipe?

    1. It is...I made it up last night! :) It was delish! Recipe to come soon!

  2. Replies
    1. I love the daily affirmations that are on each one 😊



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